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Bred for Fine Fibre
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About Alpacas 
Alpacas are one of four species of South American Camelid, the others being Llamas, Guanacos and Vicuna. The latter two are protected species and roam wild across the Andes.  Alpacas were first domesticated by the Incas some 6,000 years ago, who bred them for their fine fleece which they called the 'fibre of the Gods'.
In the mid 1980's the first alpacas arrived in the UK and breeding programmes were set up to improve the quality of fibre. There are now more than 25,000 Alpacas in the UK, mostly in herds of less than 50 animals. Small processing businesses have been set up around the country to convert the fleece into yarn.
Alpacas are very hardy and stay out all year round, only seeking shelter from the rain in severe weather. Their diet is mostly grass (hay in winter) with a mineral supplement. Alpaca garments are renowned for being lightweight yet warm and very hardwearing, which explains why they are so highly valued in the fashion industry.   
Ownership of these fascinating, easy to manage creatures is extremely rewarding not just for their ultra soft and hardwearing fleece but also for their relaxing company.
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